Thursday, March 4, 2010

Confiscation of puppies for sale

Hi everyone.
It's been a very long time-sorry! And I'm sorry I haven't replied to any of the posts-I'll get on it.
I was at the Rhodes main Fine Art department the other day and this old lady was trying to sell all the students this puppy which she apaarently couldn't take care of, so I called the SPCA and they handled it.
So just to let everyone know that you can call the SPCA and they will send someone down to confiscate the animal.
So please do this if you come across somethig like this!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Petition Against Cruelty to Strays

Please add your name to this petition!

Also-see this website about another petition :

Street Kids....&puppies

There have not been many street kids selling puppies lately, I think this is because they have realised that it is not profitable, or because it is not the breeding season,  but now that winter is over....let's just hope and wait. The SPCA here suggests that if you see these children, to get their contact details if possible and report it to the SPCA, it's not likely they will give you their details though-in which case you can call the police, who will take into their hands and confiscate the animals, who will be taken to the SPCA. If you see the animal is unwell, being treated badly, please call the SPCA and they will do what they can about it!

Also- the SPCA feels that just feeding stray animals and not giving them the other necessary things-such as love,care and medical attention will not guarantee their quailty of life. So do all you can for them! If you find strays take them to the SPCA where they can be looked after!

And this goes against SPCA policy-but i feel that if you can't take these animals home and for some unknown reason can;t get them to the SPCA, I would feed them. Better miserable and full than miserable and straving-but I repeat-this is not SPCA policy!

Adoption Corner Update

I'm afraid that the SPCA cannot alllow pictures of their animlas on the blog due to certian safety issues for the animlas.They need to ba able to monitor who these animals go to, as well monitor the information about these animlas on the blog. So-if you are interested in adopting, please go to the local SPCA here. It's on Raughtenbach Road, near the traffic department.
Or contact them:


TEL 046-622-3233
TEL (Alt) 079-037-3466
EMAIL ( facebook group)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Adoption Corner Process...

Unfortunately I am still waiting for the local SPCA to get back to me about advertising their animals on this blog. There is a problem as they can only allow animals to be adopted by those in the Grahamstown area as they need to be able to check up on the animals. So putting these animals on a blog, which is avaliable country wide is causing problems. Our local SPCA has asked their superiors and we are both awaiting the reply...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rhodes Animal Rights Awareness Week

ROAR (Rhodes Organisation for Animal Rights) and the Dean of Students Division are proud to announce the first ever Rhodes Animal Rights Awareness Week which will run from the 5th-12th October. The line-up is as follows:

***MONDAY 5 OCTOBER (Animals used for clothing)***

10:00 - 14:00 Shirt Printing (on the lawns next to Main Admin). Bring a shirt and R5 for the cause and we?ll screen print your choice of design.

18:30 ? 19:00 ?Wear your own skin? protest. Meet outside the AMM (Journ Dept), protest will end at Eden Grove.

19:00 ? 21:00 The Annual Animal Rights Debate: ?This house would ban leather and fur?, Eden Grove Blue. Refreshments will be served.

***TUESDAY 6 OCTOBER (Domestic Animals)***

13:15 ? 14:00 Talk by Jenny Coply, Senior Inspector for MaNDELA (Makana and Ndlambe Donkey Equestrian and Livestock Association) and animal behaviourist

19:00 ? 21:00 "Animal Rights Shaking Paws with Welfare" by Nicolette Armansin, Manager of the Grahamstown SPCA, Eden Grove Blue. Refreshments will be served.

All day ? come to the Day Kaif to buy a colourful ?Kind Food? bracelet and for information on local animal welfare organisations.

***WEDNESDAY 7 OCTOBER (Animals used in science - Vivisection)***

11:00 ? 14:00 Anti-vivisection protests on campus

13:15 ? 14:00 "Testing Animals" by Henriette van Zyl (RU Psych Dept and Rhodes Animal Ethics Committee), Eden Grove Blue

19:00 ? 21:00 "Selling your body to science before you're dead: can vivisection be justified?" by Les Mitchell (Director of the Hunterstoun Centre of Fort Hare)Eden Grove Blue, refreshments will be served.

***THURSDAY 8 OCTOBER (Animals used for Food)***

19:00 ? 21:00 Keynote address by Patricia Glyn, Eden Grove Blue, refreshments will be served.

***FRIDAY 9 OCTOBER (Take action! Make the ethical choice)***

13:15 ? 14:00 Talk by Samantha Vice (Rhodes Philosophy Dept) on ethics and animal rights, Eden Grove Blue

19:00 ? 00:00 ROAR AGM and Animal Rights Week closing party, Venue TBA.


19:00 - 21:00 Dr David Bilchitz (Director of The South African Institute for Advanced Constitutional, Public, Human Rights and International Law (SAIFAC)) to deliver his paper: Animals and the Constitution, Eden Grove Blue. Refreshments will be served.

All events are open and free of charge. There will also be a photographic exhibition by Nina Bekink in the Eden Grove Complex all week.

See Studentzone throughout the week for daily updates.